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Whoa!!! Whatever are YOU doing HERE?

Well, you've caught me now, so I'll have to let you in on my secret: I'm learning to dance. Yes, really. This is my routine. Of course, it's not perfect yet, but it will be. It has to be, in time for Kimster's birthday.

Blogger Harrison Hamster I can dance.

Now, would you please navigate over to another page and give a hamster some time to rehearse?

And, whatever you do, don't tell Kimster what you saw here!

What's that you just muttered? Well, if you're wittering on about how all you were looking for was something to read, click or tap on my picture to get to the Stories for My Little Sister home page, where you'll find links to some super-duper books by Samantha and Diana and, of course, my very own rather marvellous blog. That should keep you busy for a while!

No need to thank me – that's just the sort of hamster I am.

Now, remember what I said before:

Bye for now!

Harrison Hamster I